A New Mailer is Born!  A better way to construct rigid mailers and presentation folders. Introducing Conformer® by Zebra Paper Converter Inc.
Protect you products and your image. A better way to construct rigid mailers and presentation folders.

Conformer® mailers are designed to perform! Every mailer features a patented construction that is more durable and offers extra capacity only when you need it. Our mailers are environmentally friendly and can be customized with up to 8 colour print, embossing, and foil-stamping options on FSC®-certified paperboard.

HOW DOES Conformer® by Zebra Paper Converters Work?

At first glance, the Conformer® by Zebra Paper Converters may look like your traditional mailer.

Take a closer look!
There are three unique features that set it apart and significantly enhance its performance.

1. Score lines on all four sides, on both the front and back face. 2. Inset vertical glue flaps that are glued almost, but not quite, to the bottom of the mailer. 3. Overlapping, unglued flaps at the corners with diagonal scores.

These three features create uniformity throughout the mailer so that its corners have just as much capacity as its center. Traditional mailers and envelopes do not have uniform capacity – the corners are always a serious limiting factor, which is why we have to make do with an oversized envelope or bubble mailer.

The Conformer® construction has corners that are free of glue, plus the score lines triangulate at the corners to create a nice open space, sort of like the corner of a box. This is what enables Conformer® mailers to boast a maximum capacity that outrivals the marketplace, without having to rely on the convoluted folds of a gusseted mailer (no uniform capacity there either… just a lot of oversized, excess material). (Note: When you read the word “oversized,” think “expensive”. Using an oversized package has a lot of hidden costs, especially at the post office, your fulfillment center, in storage, in freight, in damages, and the environment.)

In addition, the score lines enable the mailer to conform uniformly around your material inside so that the Conformer® mailer snugly holds a little or a lot. This gives you a lot of flexibility in one mailer and unmatched protection, limiting shift inside your package and reducing the chance of damage.

CONFORMER® is a registered trademark of Conformer Products, Inc.
Canadian Pat. No. 2,418,571 : 2,554,473 U.S. Patent Numbers : 6,116,651 : 6,227,444 : D 452,267 : 6,564,994 : 6,820,799 and Other Patents Pending
Inset Vertical Glue Lines Environmentally Friendly Score Lines Overlapping Unglued Corners

Place cursor over the bubbles on the above envelop to see more details.

Four Primary Benefits
  • More Durable - 360° perimeter protection
  • More Functional and Versatile – Holds a little or a lot
  • More Professional Looking - Stays flat even as capacity increases
  • More Environmentally Friendly - FSC® certified, recycled stock, less material and reusable

Other Packaging Product Information

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