Paperboard Grades - Offering the widest selection of paperboard grades that are 100% recyclable and FSC® Certified.

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Recycled – Raw materials used to produce this paperboard are made from both post consumer and recovered waste.Recyclable – Material can be recovered from a waste stream for reuse.Sustainable - Materials are sourced responsibly, designed to be effective and safe  throughout its life cycle, meets market criteria for performance and cost, is made entirely using renewable energy, and once used, is recycled efficiently to provide a valuable resource for subsequent generations




Paperboard Grades

All of our paperboard grades are available in a variety of thicknesses and are stocked in rolls and sheets to ensure greater flexibility in sizes and quantities required.

Types of paperboard available include Prime, Job Lot, Food Grade, Wet Strength, Freezer, FSC® Certified and 100% Recyclable.


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