Here is where it all started for us… early on we understood that getting a good handle on our supply of raw material and investing in the right equipment to process it would set us apart. This early understanding has fueled our success allowing us to innovate and transform into new markets and product categories

We have cemented our industry leading position in protective packaging including pallet liners, padding, dividers, spacers/strips, slip sheets, ZTAC anti-slip sheets and our unique Reclaimed products.

Large roll stock inventory and offerings in a variety of grades and thicknesses.

100% Recyclable. Eco-Friendly. Available FSC® Certified.

Pallet Liners, Pads, Dividers, Push Pull Sheets

Pallet liners are also known as tier sheets, skids protectors, pallet dividers or covers.

These cardboard sheets are commonly used to protect finished products from damage on skids and throughout transportation. They can be used to promote stability on skid loads and as interleafing between layers.

Protective Padding, Dividers, Stiffeners & Spacers

We offer a full line of custom converted protective padding and interleaf to ensure products get packaged and shipped safely. We are capable of producing any size pack loose on skid, bundled or boxed.

Slip Sheets & Push Pulls

Slip sheets for forklift transport are an effective replacement for wooden pallets. They are manufactured from our new chipboards or unique Reclaimed Kraft paperboards. This innovative method of unitization offers the following advantages:

  • No Maintenance or repair of pallets
  • Cuts distribution costs & lowers costs – no pallets used
  • Reusable and Recyclable
  • Hygienic – No need for special heat treated pallets for export
  • Light weight slip sheets use 5% of the area a pallet would use.


It’s pretty simple. We bring in used sheets and Make them usable again. Simple but genius!

Consider us innovators in paperboard reclamation in the North American market place.

Our unique and proprietary process in sourcing, sorting and converting reclaimed paperboard products continues to drive our leadership position in the market place.

We offer a full range of used chipboard and Kraft paperboard products that are currently used across North America in a variety of industries.

  • Minimum savings vs. new board average 25% or more.
  • 100% recycled and 100% recyclable.
  • Applications – pallet liners, padding, slip sheets, custom
  • Sustainable, eco-friendly and offers exceptional value for industrial applications.

ZTAC® Anti-Slip Sheets

Z-TAC® Anti-Slip… A New Angle on Protective Packaging!

Unique design of our Z-TAC® Anti-Slip Sheets ensure that they perform well in hand applications increasing plant efficiencies and allowing for products to move safely and quickly throughout the plant.

Z-TAC® Anti-Slip interleaf sheets provide the following benefits:

  • Loads are secure and slip free in manufacturing and shipment
  • Proprietary Z-TAC® Anti-Slip Coating keeps products in position and does not mark products
  • No need for additional protective packaging including shrink wrapping to keep loads secure
  • Increased safety within plant and shipping reducing injuries and damage
  • Machine and Suction Cup Applications
  • No investment required Water based & 100% Recyclable