Sustainability – 100% Recyclable, FSC® Certified Even though our stripes are purple… We still think green!


Zebra Paper converts in excess of 10,000 tonnes of paperboard and chipboard annually. We are committed to driving sustainability throughout our operations to ensure that we limit our impact on the environment and promote 100% recycled, sustainable paperboard packaging solutions.

We are proud to be an FSC® certified company ensuring we are converting paperboard that has been forested responsibly. We are audited annually by a third party to ensure our process and materials handling are aligned with the FSC® CoC certification.

Unique to Zebra Paper Converters is our line of 100% reclaimed paperboard that is sourced from industry and is 100% recyclable and used. Every sheet of reclaimed paperboard that is converted allows for greater sustainability by reducing new paperboard production.

Our commitment to the environment is not just a responsibility but also a passion!

We are proud to know that over 90% of all paperboard we convert is 100% recyclable.

Sustainability - FSC®

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Even though our stripes are purple… We still think green! As one of Canada’s leading providers of recycled paperboard and chipboard products, we are proud to be FSC® Certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council.

The FSC® is an international certification and labelling system that guarantees that the paperboard products you purchase from Zebra Paper Converters come from responsibly managed forests and verified recycled sources.

The FSC® label provides a credible link between responsible production and consumption of paperboard forest products, enabling businesses and consumers to make purchasing decisions that benefit the environment, people and provide ongoing business value.

Our certification proves our continued commitment to converting environmentally sustainable 100% recyclable paperboard solutions and being accountable to an international governing body that audits us annually to maintain our certification.

The FSC® certification process is a demanding process and only certified FSC® companies can leverage FSC® certified paperboard and the use of the FSC® logo on packaging.

We encourage you to get more information on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) and verify Zebra Paper Converters FSC® CoC Certificate #SGSNA-COC-000033 at the official

Why did Zebra Paper Converters become FSC® Certified?

Our decision to become FSC® Certified was a natural progression for us as we always had a commitment on converting sustainable, environmentally friendly paperboard products. Our FSC® Certification has validated this commitment and ensures that as we grow our business we continue to foster these principles.

How will FSC® Certified Paperboard and Custom Paperboard Packaging add value to my business and Customers?

Businesses and Consumers want packaging that is environmentally sustainable and committed to responsible forestry and converting practices.

The FSC® system not only makes certain that virgin fiber used in a product is from a sustainable source, but it ensures that claims regarding the recycled content of products are verifiable. In an unbroken chain of commitment from forest to consumer, the FSC® label carries the promise that a product comes from a forest friendly source.

Can anyone claim FSC® Certification or use the FSC® Label if they purchase FSC® material?

Unfortunately, Not.

The FSC® Certification Chain of Custody (CoC) is a rigorous process that is governed by an independent 3rd Party which audits Zebra Paper Converters annually to ensure we are adhering to principles and standards of the FSC® Certification.

Chain of Custody (CoC) certification provides a guarantee to consumers that any product with the FSC® label can be tracked back to an FSC® approved source. A product can only carry the FSC® label or logo if the forest receives an FSC® forest management certificate, and if all steps along the supply chain receive a chain of custody certificate. Zebra Paper Converters must place their certification code (SGSNA-COC-000033) on the FSC® product label

Only FSC® Certified paperboard converted by Zebra Paper can promote the use of FSC® labelling.



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