Even though our stripes are purple. We still think green.

With strong growth, comes big responsibility. Zebra now converts over 15,000 tons of paperboard annually. That's a lot. Our FSC and recycling programs are a testament to our commitment to the environment.


Our mission is to drive sustainability throughout our operations to ensure that we limit our impact on the environment and promote 100% recycled, sustainable paperboard packaging solutions. Including managing our energy consumption and energy driven processes.

Paperboard that has been forested responsibly.

We are audited annually by a third party to ensure our process and materials handling are aligned with the FSC® CoC certification.

Truly making an impact. Unique to Zebra is our line of 100% reclaimed paperboard that is sourced from industry and is 100% recyclable and used. Every sheet of reclaimed paperboard that is converted allows for greater sustainability by reducing new paperboard production.

We don’t just love Packaging... we love our commitment to manufacturing responsibly.

For the LOVE of packaging!